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Flash Thompson, currently known as Agent Venom, is the third major host for the Venom symbiote, following Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan. After years of idolizing Spider-Man, Flash joined the United States armed forces, believing it to be the closest a "normal" man can come to becoming a superhero. Flash ultimately sacrificed his legs to save the lives of his fellow men, which earned him a purple heart- and eventually selection for a secret government project to bind the captured Venom symbiote to an American military asset.

After the Spider Queen's attack on New York, Flash's direct government ties were severed, and he became a member of Captain America's Secret Avengers- a job that eventually lead to his recommendation for the Guardians of the Galaxy. During Flash's tenure in space, he and the Symbiote would bond even closer, and become Agent Venom: Space Knight.

 6" Figures Edit

Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin Infinite Series- Agent Venom (2014)Edit

Agent Venom Walgreens

Initially announced as part of the canceled final wave of Hasbro's "Return of Marvel Legends" series before it was rebranded as Marvel Legends Infinite Series, Agent Venom was meant for release in late 2013, but was canceled alongside the rest of his wavemates when Hasbro decided to refocus on seasonal movie-themed lines and a separate Spider-Man series going forward.

The figure was ultimately released under the banner of the Marvel Legends Ultimate Green Goblin Infinite Series in 2014, exclusively in North America at Walgreens retailers. The figure features extensive unique molding- new hands and forearms, unique lower legs, and a chest/shoulderpads piece made of separate soft plastic placed over the base torso. The figure came with two silver pistols, a uniquely molded black pistol, an SMG, and a separate backpack piece designed to replicate his tendrils, allowing him to hold all of his weapons at once.

Marvel Legends Space Knight Venom Series (2016)Edit

SKVenom 002