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Avengers Assemble is a 2013 toyline created by Hasbro, primarily in the same 3 3/4" scale as part of their Marvel Universe series, based on the Disney produced animated series of the same name. Avengers Assemble was made up of various repaints of older Marvel Universe and MCU movie toyline, as well as new figures based on characters from the cartoon with slightly more colorful paint apps and more animated sculpts. While the figures generally possessed lesser articulation than the 3 3/4" series before them, they did change things up by including oversized accessories and action features.

3 3/4" Scale Series Edit

Wave 1 Edit

  • Shield Blast Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Gamma Fist Hulk
  • Inferno Cannon Black Widow
  • Sky Attack Falcon
  • Cosmic Strike Red Skull

Wave 2 Edit

  • Tech Bow Ultimate Hawkeye
  • Thunder Axe Thor
  • The Leader
  • Jet Armor Nick Fury
  • Shock Blasters Volstrike Iron Man

3 3/4" All-Star Series Edit

  • Battle Shield Captain America
  • Repulsor Blast Iron Man
  • Smashing Hero Hulk
  • Lightning Hammer Thor
  • Sniper Bow Hawkeye
  • Repulsor Blast Iron Man (Marvel Now Armor)
  • Enchanted Scepter Loki

5" Mighty Battlers Edit

Wave 1 Edit

  • Final Justice Captain America
  • Arc Strike Iron Man
  • Gamma Slam Hulk
  • Tornado Claw Wolverine

Wave 2 Edit

  • Stealth Iron Man
  • Red Hulk Rage

6" All-Star Series Edit

Wave 1 Edit

  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Hulk
  • Hawkeye
  • Spider-Man

Wave 2 Edit

  • Stealth Ops Iron Man
  • Red Hulk