The First Avenger

The Captain America: The First Avenger Toyline is based on the movie of the same. It is in the 3 3/4" scale and ties into Iron Man 2, Thor and Marvel Universe. The series is divided into Comic, Concept and Movie banners, but leans more to Comic figures, like the X-Men Origins: Wolverine line, in contrast to the the Thor: The Mighty Avenger toyline.

Many of the Captain America figures come with "action feature shields", foregoing comic-accuracy to include extra parts or allow for splitting the shield in half. The series is also notable for including some of the first realistic vehicles in the 3 3/4" line, not counting gimmicks like the Red Vortex or the Spider Four Wheelers.


  • 01- Ultimate Captain America (Comic)
  • 02- Heavy Artillery Captain America (Comic)
  • 03- Battlefield Captain America (Comic)
  • 04- Winter Soldier (Comic)
  • 05- Heroic Age Captain America (Comic)
  • 06- Captain Britain (Comic)
  • 07- Super Combat Captain America (Movie)
  • 08- Red Skull (Movie)
  • 09- US Agnet (Comic)
  • 10- Crossbones (Comic)
  • 11- Winter Combat Captain America (Concept)
  • 00- Jungle Trooper Captain America (Concept)
  • 00- Night Mission Captain America (Concept)
  • 00- Marvel's Hydra Armored Soldier

Deluxe FiguresEdit

  • Captain America- Air Assault Glider
  • Captain America- Paratrooper Dive
  • Hydra Soldier- Dark Threat


  • SHIELD Assault 4X4 w/ Captain America (Comics)
  • SHIELD 4X4 Variant (Movie)
  • Offroad Avenger
  • Justice Jet
  • Strikefire Transport

Captain America CruisersEdit

  • Captain America Power Charge Cycle
  • Captain America Trail Trooper

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