Gamora Portrait

Gamora is the last known member of the Zen-Whoberi race, a member of Infinity Watch, and a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. With her superhuman strength, her mystical sword- The Godslayer, and her regenerative healing factor, Gamora has more than earned her title of "The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy"

When Annihilus nearly wiped out the galaxy, she joined Richard Rider and Peter Quill's armed resistance, and was one of the few to stay on and decide to continue a guerrilla campaign once it seemed like they would lose the war, privately admitting to Rider that she had always wanted a chance to make a difference. Years later, she would get that chance again when Quill sought out members to join his new intergalactic peace-keeping team, the Guardians.

6" ScaleEdit

Marvel Legends: Guardians of the Galaxy 5-Pack (2015)Edit

Gamora Entertainment Earth

Based on her "modern" update to her classic costume seen during the Annihilation-era of Marvel Cosmic, the first Marvel Legends figure of Gamora was released as part of a 2015 five pack featuring the core members of the Guardians of the Galaxy- herself, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Groot. Gamora is built from the same modern, "normal sized" female mold seen on Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman, with a new head sculpt.

Gamora includes her Godslayer sword, which is actually a repack of the Marvel Legends Black Knight's Ebony Blade, a cloth poncho designed to cover up her revealing costume in the packaging, a harder plastic cape, and two head sculpts: one featuring her hood, and one without the hood. Unfortunately, Gamora was also plagued with quality control issues- most of the sold sets feature strange mold lines and cracks running along Gamora's thighs and upper legs, and notably spotty paint applications.

The set was ultimately released as an exclusive at the online retailer Entertainment Earth, and was also made available on their Amazon store page.

3 3/4" ScaleEdit

3.75" Marvel Legends Gamora (2016)Edit

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Based on her "Mass Effect" armor from the much maligned Bendis run of the series, Gamora was announced as the winner of the SDCC fan-choice poll in 2014, and was shown for the first time in prototype form at the 2015 Hasbro panel. The figure is a brand new sculpt, featuring some of the same cost-effective articulation reduction choices seen on other figures in the line, and includes one accessory: her Godslayer sword.