Tony Stark is a weapon designer and super hero in the 2009 Universe continuity family. Note that this Stark and Movie Stark are diffrent characters, the Comic Series toys are canon here. For other Iron Men see Iron Man (disambiguation).


Tony Stark was a famed weapon designer, but after bieng captured by a brutal warlord, Stark was forced to design weapons for his nations foes. In a daring escape, Tony designed a suit of armor based on a primitive chest plate that kept the shrapnel of an explosion from intering his heart. The suit was totally bullet-proof, armed with magnetic repulsors, and strong enough to take on the Hulk, The Mark 0 armor allowed Tony to escape to America once more.

After returning to America, Stark retired the Mark 0, building countless new armors for countering any threat, and becoming a founding member of the Avengers. Stark would pass the mantel of Iron Man to his best friend, the marine James Rhodes, but Stark woul return to the role and Rhodes became War Machine.

Later, Stark would be left in a near-death state after an intense fight, and Extremis would be pumped into his blood in order to save him, but the Extremis would form a new suit of armor, personally controlled by Stark and actually built out of the nanomachines inside his blood. The Extremis would also increase the power of his mind and physical strength. During this period Stark would take control as acting director of S.H.I.E.L.D. When he enacted Operation: Goliath, much of his men's faith was shaken, but Tony warned that dissention would not be tolerated.


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