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Marvel Legends is one of the longest running Marvel toylines ever created, beginning in 2002 by Toybiz, and carried on by Hasbro after their buyout in 2006. Legends was the first full attempt to transition from 5 inch scale in 6 inch scale after teasing with it occasionally before, and it combined extremely high quality sculpts and more articulation than any other toyline on the market, creating a new standard for the entire action figure industry.

In 2008, Hasbro stopped producing regular waves of figures, in large part due to the rising cost of plastic, causing them to create the Marvel Universe line, a 3 3/4" scale to stand with Hasbro's G. I. Joes and Star Wars figures. However, in 2011, Hasbro announced they were bringing the franchise back, and the following year, the Return of Marvel Legends debuted, with new sculpts and new articulation.

Toybiz (2002-2006)Edit

Wave 1Edit

Wave 2Edit

Wave 3Edit

Wave 4Edit

Wave 5Edit

Wave 6Edit

Wave 7Edit

Wave 8Edit

Wave 9- Galactus SeriesEdit

Wave 10- Sentinel SeriesEdit

Wave 11- Legendary Riders SeriesEdit

Wave 12- Apocalypse SeriesEdit

Walmart Exclusive Giant Man SeriesEdit

Wave 13- Onslaught SeriesEdit

Wave 14- Mojo SeriesEdit

Wave 15- MODOK SeriesEdit

Hasbro (2006-2012)Edit

Wave 1- Annihilus SeriesEdit

Wave 2- Blob SeriesEdit

Fantastic Four- Ronan the Accuser SeriesEdit

Wave 3- Brood Queen SeriesEdit

Spider-Man Trilogy- Sandman SeriesEdit

Hulk- Fin Fang Foom SeriesEdit

Target Exclusive- Red Hulk SeriesEdit

Wal-Mart Exclusive- Ares SeriesEdit

Wal-Mart Exclusive- Nemesis SeriesEdit

Return of Marvel Legends (2012)Edit

Wave 1- Terrax SeriesEdit

Wave 2- Arnim Zola SeriesEdit

Wave 3- Epic Heroes SeriesEdit

Wave 4- Iron Monger SeriesEdit

Wave 5- Hit-Monkey SeriesEdit

Wave 6- Rocket Raccoon SeriesEdit

Wave 7- Puck SeriesEdit

Marvel Legends Infinite Series (2014 - Present)Edit

Wave 1- Ultimate Green Goblin SeriesEdit

Wave 2- SHIELD Mandroid SeriesEdit

Wave 3- Groot SeriesEdit

Wave 4- Jubilee SeriesEdit

Wave 5- Odin SeriesEdit

Wave 6- Hobgoblin SeriesEdit

Wave 7- Thanos SeriesEdit

Wave 8- Ant-Man Series Edit

Wave 9- Hulkbuster Series Edit

Wave 10- Rhino Series Edit

Wave 11- Absorbing Man Series Edit

Wave 12- Red Onslaught Series Edit

Wave 13- Giant Man Series Edit

Wave 14- Juggernaut Series Edit

Wave 15- Dormammu SeriesEdit

Wave 16- Space Venom SeriesEdit

Wave 17- Abomination SeriesEdit

Wave 18- Sandman SeriesEdit

Wave 19- Titus SeriesEdit

Wave 20- Warlock SeriesEdit

Wave 21- Mantis SeriesEdit

Wave 22- Vulture SeriesEdit

Wave 23- Man-Thing SeriesEdit

Wave 24- Hulk SeriesEdit

Wave 25- Okoye SeriesEdit

Wave 26- The Lizard SeriesEdit

Wave 27- Sasquatch SeriesEdit

Wave 28- Thanos SeriesEdit

Wave 29- Cull Obsidian SeriesEdit

Wave 30- SP//dr SeriesEdit

Wave 31- Monster Venom SeriesEdit

Wave 32- Apocalypse SeriesEdit

Wave 33- Sauron SeriesEdit

Wave 34- Kree Sentry SeriesEdit

Wave 35- M'Baku SeriesEdit

Wave 36- Kingpin SeriesEdit

Wave 37- Caliban SeriesEdit

Wave 38- Armored Thanos SeriesEdit

Wave 39- Molten Man SeriesEdit

Wave 40 - Professor Hulk SeriesEdit

Wave 41 - Wendigo SeriesEdit

Wave 42 - "Bro Thor" SeriesEdit

Wave ?? - Unknown Spider-Man SeriesEdit

Wave ?? - Strong Guy SeriesEdit

Wave ?? - Unknown Avengers SeriesEdit

Marvel Legends Vintage SeriesEdit

Wave 1Edit

Wave 2Edit

X-Men Wave 1Edit

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years CollectionEdit

Single FiguresEdit


Marvel 80th Anniversary SeriesEdit

MCU Boxed SetsEdit

Fan-Channel ExclusivesEdit


Marvel Legends: Riders (2018)Edit

Two PacksEdit

Toybiz Face-Off Packs (2006)Edit

Hasbro Two-Packs (2007-2010)Edit

Infinite Series Two-PacksEdit

Collector's Edition Three PacksEdit

Infinite Series Target Exclusive (2014)Edit

Agents of SHIELD- Toys'R'Us Exclusive (2015) Edit

Age of Ultron- Target Exclusive (2015) Edit

Captain America: Civil War- Target Exclusive (2016)Edit

All-New, All-Different Avengers- Toys'R'Us Exclusive (2017)Edit

Family Matters- Amazon Exclusive (2019)Edit

Gift PacksEdit

X-Men Legends Pack (2003)Edit

Urban Legends Pack (2003)Edit

Fantastic Four Pack (2004)Edit

Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six (2004)Edit

Spider-Man's Fearsome Foes (2005)Edit

Marvel Monsters (2006)Edit

Young Avengers (2006)Edit

House of M (2006)Edit

All-New X-Men (2014) (Toys'R'Us Exclusive)Edit

Age of Ultron Movie Set (2015) (Amazon Exclusive)Edit

  • Thor (Age of Ultron costume)
  • Dr. Bruce Banner (MCU)
  • Hawkeye (Avengers costume)
  • Black Widow (Age of Ultron costume)

Guardians of the Galaxy (2015)Edit

A-Force (2017) (Toys'R'Us Exclusive)Edit

The Defenders (2017) (Amazon Exclusive)Edit

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