Do NOT call him the "Yellow Unicorn"

Maverick was an ally of Wolverine and a mutant with the abillity to absorb kinetic energy and convert it into nlasts from his fingertips.


Maverick has a fractured memory and a tragic past, leaving him with the desire to take revenge on those responsible for his suffering, often allying with Wolverine to do so. While it is never directly stated, it is believed the Weapon X program left him in this state.

Maverick was an execeptional gunman, using both rifles and handguns to help him achieve his goals, and he was an adept hand-to-hand combatant nearly equal to Wolverine himself.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine Comic Series Wave 1 The First Maverick action figure comes in the first wave of the X-Men Origins Wolverine Comic Series. Maverick features a Ball-Jointed head (restricted), Ball-Joint chest, Ball-Hinge legs, Swivel Thighs, Double-Jointed Knees, Ball-Hinge Ankles, Ball-Hinge Shoulders, Ball-Hinge elbows for a total of 16 points of articulation. Due to price cuts because of the economy at the figures release, Maverick has less painted details on the face and the head sits much lower on the neck, thus limiting the heads posability.

Maverick's accesories include a handgun which can be stored in a holster on his belt, a large rifle, his shoulder pad piece, and a collar around his neck.


  • Maverick only appears in the X-Men Origins Movie toyline, thus we have less information on him then other Universe 2009 characters.
  • Maverick was a pegwarmer for this series.