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Carol Danvers, best known under the title Ms. Marvel, and also known as Warbird, Binary, and Captain Marvel, is a core member of the Avengers. A former officer in the United States Air Force, Danvers was assigned to the same military base as the human disguised Captain Mar-Vell, and was caught in a blast from the Kree Psyche-Magnetron, which caused Danvers's genetic structure to meld with Captain Marvel's, effectively turning her into a human-Kree hybrid

Gaining super strength, durability, speed and reaction times, in addition to flight, energy projection and energy absorption, Ms. Marvel began to fight crime across the Earth, and through the cosmos.

Years after the deaths of Captain Marvel and Phyla-Vell, Captain America convinced Carol that it was time to adopt the name Captain Marvel for her own, to carry on his legacy.

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Marvel: Hall of Fame: She-Force- Ms. Marvel (1996) Edit

Ms. Marvel HallofFame

Ms. Marvel's first action figure was released as part of the Marvel: Hall of Fame series, a toyline dedicated to pulling out lesser known characters from across the Marvel Universe to complete teams and increase character selection by repainting older molds. Carol was included as part of the second wave of the series, a She-Force wave, indicating its focus on otherwise overlooked female characters. Ms. Marvel is a repaint of the Fantastic Four toyline's Medusa figure, but with Ms. Marvel's black outfit and sash, and her hair painted blonde.

She maintains average articulation for the time of hr release, though her large hair piece slightly restricts her head movement. Her only accessory is a base meant to aid her in standing or flying poses.

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