Odin Portrait

The God-King of Asgard, father of Thor, adoptive father of Loki, and master of the powerful magical energy known as the Odinforce, Odin Borson is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Odin rules over the Asgardian hierarchy, and by extension, Odin's law reaches out across the Nine Realms.

After the final Ragnarok Cycle wiped out the old Gods of Asgard once again, Odin was one of the many casualties. When Thor returned to life, and discovered that his fellow Asgardians were being reborn in Midgard as humans,he began to seek out his fellows, but could not find Odin. He soon learned that Odin was trapped between life and death, in a never-ending fight with the demonic Surtur. Odin tasked Thor with ruling the people of Asgard- a job he took back from his son when he eventually returned to life.

In recent times, Odin has retained his role as leader of Asgard, in spite of his wife, Frigga's ascension to the throne during one extended Odinsleep. When Thor found himself no longer worthy of lifting Mjolnir after the events of Original Sin, Odin has dedicated himself to discovering the identity of the new Thor, and stopping her.

6" Figures Edit

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series- Old King Thor Build-A-Figure (2015) Edit

Odin LegendsBAF

Odin's first action figure was released as the Build-A-Figure for the first wave of Marvel Legends: Infinite Series Avengers figures released to correspond with the Avengers: Age of Ultron film. Odin isn't a fully sculpted BAF of his own- the torso, skirt, legs and right arm are all the pieces sculpted Old King Thor- simply being a new, non-robotic left arm, a blue cape, a new headsculpt and his staff.

Odin's head, staff and cape were included with Scarlet Witch, his torso was included with Hawkeye, his arms were included with the Sentry, his left leg was included with Iron Fist, and his right leg was included with the Marvel Now Thor. Conversely, the Captain Marvel, Machine Man and Marvel Now Thor all include parts for the Old King Thor version of the Build-A-Figure instead.