The Silver Surfer was once the thrall to the mighty planet eater Galactus, but has since regained his free-will and adopted Earth as it's home. He has been aiding the superheroes of Earth in their struggles against evil and helping the Fantastic Four hold of Galactus. Looking for himself, the Surfer returned to deep space and has once more become Galactus' herald, and guides him to uninhabited planet where he can do no harm- or to the planet he can do the least harm.


The Silver Surfer has served the world devouring Galactus for generations as his herald, but had a change of heart while scouting out Earth, and decicded to help humanity fight off the hungry giant. After that the Surfer has adopted Earth as his home and has sworn to defend it, often aiding it's superheroes in their battles against crime.

Sometime after Tony Stark was appointed director of S.H.I.E.L.D. the Silver Surfer went back into the deep reaches of space, looking for himself. His sudden disappearance worried Tony and Commander Maria Hill, who filed a report about her concerns that this involved a direct threat to the planet.


Silver Surfer- Marvel Universe (Wave 1)Edit

Silver Surfer is painted a shiny grey color to replicate his signature silver skin and is based on his normal appearance. The Surfer is articulated with a balljoint head, ab-crunch, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel forearms, balljoint hips, double-hinged knees and hinged ankles. He also came with his cosmic surfboard, which he can stand on, albiet it slightly akwardly.

Silver Surfer- Marvel 70th Anniversary 3-PackEdit

This Silver Surfer is a redeco of the Wave 1 Surfer, colored in white paint to represent his earlier representations in the comics. He was packed alongside a 1st appearance Daredevil and a classic stealth Iron Man. This Surfer has the same articulation as the original and a recolored surfboard.

19" Galactus and Silver SurferEdit

Another Surfer was released done in vac-metal form to represent a shiny silver and comes with a vac-metal surfboard. He is packed in with a 19" Galactus and is not yet available. He was not available with the version at San Diego Comic Con in 2010.


  • Silver Surfer was once a member of the Defenders alongside the Hulk, Namor and Dr. Strange.