Spider-Man AmazingMovies Profile
Peter Parker became the costumed vigilante known as Spider-Man after a trip to OsCorp left him trapped in a room with a number of genetic experimented Spiders based on his father's research. After the death of his Uncle Ben, Spider-Man realized that he needed to use his newfound powers to help people, and began to fight crime while hunting for his Uncle's killer. He also began dating Gwen Stacey, daughter of the Police Captain leading a manhunt for his costumed alter-ego, and began working with his father's former partner, Doctor Curt Connors, attempting to recreat Richard Parker's work. 

6" ScaleEdit

Amazing Spider-Man- Whipping Webline Spider-ManEdit

AmazingSpiderMan WhippingWebLine

Part of the 6" Marvel Legend style of figures from The Amazing Spider-Man movie toyline, exclusive to Walmarts, the Whipping Webline Spider-Man is based on the spider suit seen in the movie. The figure is an entirely new sculpt, and includes two accessories- a bending webline that ends in a loop that allows his hand to hold the web, and a display base built out of old Heroscape terrain, allowing the bases to hook into each other.

Amazing Spider-Man- Interchangeable Head Spider-ManEdit

AmazingSpiderMan InterchangableHead

Interchangeable Head Movie Edition Spider-Man is the second movie Spider-Man figure in the Walmart exclusive 6" Marvel Legends style of figures in the Amazing Spider-Man movie toyline. Interchangeable Head Spider-Man is built on the same base body of the Whipping Webline Spider-Man, but with a differently sculpted head and new hands, as well as all new accessories- an alternate Peter Parker head based on Andrew Garfield's appearance in the film that can swap with the masked head, a backpack that can strap onto his back, and a skateboard that can attach to the backpack for storage, as well as the Heroscape terrain base.

Marvel Legends Infinite Series- Amazing Spider-ManEdit

AmazingSpiderMan MLIS ASM2

The first Amazing Spider-Man released in the Marvel Legends line officially, the Marvel Legends Infinite Series Amazing Spider-Man is based on the updated, new costume from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film. He's built on a new, completely original mold which is noticeably more slender than most previous Spider-Men, emphasizing the younger age and more realistic proportions of the movie Spider-man, while still giving him huge amounts of articulation. He comes with two accessories- a pair of alternate hands, allowing punching fists and web-shooting posed hands to be swapped out for whatever pose works best. As part of the Ultimate Green Goblin series, he comes with a Build-a-Figure part- the right arm of the Ultimate Green Goblin, and the flame piece that connects to it.