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Miguel O'Hara, incorrectly referred to as Miguel O'Shea with humorous frequency by Hasbro, is a brilliant scientist from the year 2099, where he fights crime as the new Spider-Man. Working from inside the corporate structure of the corrupt Alchemax, Miguel hoped to change things, or at least reach a position to uncover more information on their criminal dealings, along the way discovering that the company's top executive, Tyler Stone, was secretly his father.

When Doctor Octopus murdered Peter Parker and stole the title of Spider-Man, his actions began to negatively effect Miguel's own timeline, forcing him to travel back and set things right. He has since been trapped in the mainline Marvel Universe, working alongside numerous other Spider heroes when Morlun's family began hunting them, and finding a job working for Peter at his business, Parker Industries.

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The Amazing Spider-Man- Spider-Man 2099 w/ Spider Assault Weaponry (1996)Edit

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Miguel's first figure was released in the 7th series of The Amazing Spider Special Collector Series toyline in 1996. He is a repaint of the basic Spider-Man figure from the same toyline, with new forearms to give him his forearm spikes and new posed hands. In order to recreate his web cape from the comics, Miguel includes a separate cloth cape piece that can clip on to his neck.He also includes a set of weapons, serving as the "Spider Assault Weaponry" gimmick invented for the figure- a giant flaming axe and a large gun.

A variant of the figure was released in the same line, featuring lighter colors and a brighter axe.

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