Wolverine is a mutant, X-Man, and Weapon X test subject who has made it his mission to fight evil and recover his memories. Wolverine is one of Marvel's most famous characters and has been in every other universe, so also see here- Wolverine (disambiguation).


Wolverine is a mutant with a rapid healing factor and extendable "Claws" made out of his bones. Later his skeleton was coated in Adamantium, including his claws. Little is known of Wolverine's past, but he uses the civilian name of Logan. Wolverine was a part of the Weapon X program, like Deadpool, and Maverick, however he was considered to be one of the programs first subjects not to be a failure.

Wolverine brutally broke out of the Weapon X compound, making a perminant enemy with Sabretooth, who later hunted him down during his time as a Canadian lumberjack and broke the claws on one hand. In an attempt to get revenge, Wolverine had Weapon X coat his skeleton in unbreakable Adamantium.

Wolverine tracked down Gambit, who led him to a large island where Weapon X was taking mutants, and discovered that the program's leader, Willam Stryker, was taking Mutant powers and implanting them into Weapon XI, the Deadpool. Wolverine rescued the Mutants, defeated Sabretooth, and decapitated Deadpool, freeing him of Stryker's control. However, Stryker shot Wolverine in the back of the head with an adamantium bullet, destroying his memories.

later Wolverine went on many Strike Missions for S.H.I.E.L.D., and over time, his memories began to return, he discovered he had left a lot of business unfinished, and evil men still standing. From one end of the world to the other, he tracked those men, determined to avenge their crimes. During this time Wolverine joined Alpha Flight, a team which would lead him to the X-Men, who accepted him, teaching him what it meant to fight for a cause- the future of all Mutants.

He spent years with the X-Men, becoming a teacher as well as a warrior, and often worked in the field with his students, such as Colossus and Kitty Pryde. The former of which was trapped along side Wolverine on Battleworld where the heroes and villans were forced to fight for the Beyonder's amusement.